Autism and Difficult Moments – 25th Anniversary Edition


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Learn how to stop a meltdown! This book offers tried-and-true solutions to minimize and circumvent the often frightening circumstances that surround the cycle of meltdowns, not only for the child with autism, but others in the environment as well.

A highly practical and user-friendly resource, Autism and Difficult Moments: Practical Solutions for Meltdowns, Revised Edition  describes the three-stage cycle of a meltdown and identifies effective, evidence-based strategies to use at each stage. In addition, the book outlines how to prevent the occurrence of meltdowns through instruction, interpretation, and coaching. The author takes the reader through the stages of the cycle and emphasizes the importance of utilizing systematic instruction and teachable moments before and after a meltdown. The book also notes that meltdowns are not intentional, and instruction is needed in order for them to stop.

Readers will appreciate the practical steps that are given to complete this journey successfully.

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