My First Learning Library – 4 Books


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There’s a whole world to discover in this boxed set of four board books that are part of the new My First Home Learning series. Colors introduces children to the colors of the rainbow. Children see one main object and are invited to identify the other objects on the page that are the same color as the main object. First Words helps build vocabulary by introducing simple words, such as hat and cat, in a fun rhyming format. With Numbers, children learn to count from 1 to 10. And by exploring Opposites, children learn the differences between big and small, short and tall, and other simple words with opposite meanings.

Titles from the My First Home Learning series are an exciting, interactive way to keep children engaged during homeschooling and distance or remote learning. Young readers will strengthen their knowledge of early concepts, as well as familiarize themselves with objects and animals in nature and around the home. Engaging photographs and simple prompts make this series an ideal choice for educational bridge activities.

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