Learn to Read with Bob Books and VersaTiles Sight Words


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As your beginning reader acquires 30 new sight words, you can gradually add more complexity to their learning. It is easy to make learning fun! Simply line up the puzzle-like answer case on top of the page in the book, and line the tiles up on top to start. Pick up each tile 1-8 and answer the question underneath it. Once each tile is placed, close the case, flip it over and see if the pattern matches what is on the bottom right corner of the workbook page. Bob Books & Versatile provides your kids with the essentials they need to start learning to read words at home or school.

  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Learning Kit includes 10 Bob Books, 1 Versatile answer case, and a 20-page Versatile workbook with 20 hands-on learning activities. The 10 Bob Books focus on letter sounds, and building up children’s confidence to say “I read the whole book! “
  • PRACTICE READING: Engage early readers with learning to read games, to make practice reading fun. Kids can practice their reading skills with Versatile puzzle-like answer case and workbook.
  • INTRODUCE SIGHT WORDS: Bob Books offers repetition and fun stories to introduce important sight words. The sight words set helps parents reinforce literacy concepts at home through hands-on learning. Consistent short vowels and simple stories ensure that each book is a gentle step into early reading. Bob Books has inspired reading success for over 40 years.

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