Zach Hangs in There


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Picture book that teaches kids how to persevere when things get difficult through positive self-talk.

Zach has set a goal for himself–to get across the tricky trapeze rings on the playground. Every time he tries, he falls off before making it to the end. But with encouragement from his best friend Sonya and positive self-talk, Zach uses a four-step approach to persevere to the end:

Start with a goalMake a planMake a new plan if neededKeep trying to the end Zach feels so great about his success that he writes down the steps he used so he can repeat them next time he faces a tough challenge. A short note is included to help teachers, parents, counselors, and other adults reinforce the book’s messages and help kids practice positive self-talk and develop a growth mindset as they learn how to persevere.

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