Reading Readiness Book 1


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Did you know that shapes and pictures are the building blocks for letters and words. Getting prepared to learn how to read involves answering questions and identifying patterns such as which is bigger or smaller? Same or different? What belongs together in a group? What rhymes? What is missing? What happened first? And then next? What do opposites look like? The challenge of finding all the squares or rectangles in a picture. This Reading Readiness K-1 Book 1 addresses the basic concepts that help children learn to “see” in the way that reading requires. With a little help from you, your child can cultivate sharp-eyed observation and practice pre-reading skills.

Fun Features & Big Benefits
• Parent Guide inside front cover
• Activities to Share inside back cover
• Bold illustrations on every page
• Convenient, slim size for take-along learning
• “Great Job!” certificate of completion

Skills: big and bigger; small and smaller; same or different; shapes; compare and contrast; classifying; pairing; opposites; rhyming words; greater than/less than; alphabetical order; ordering; sequencing