Phonics Flashcards Made Easy


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Phonics are one of the best ways to teach your child letter sounds and how letter combinations blend together.  Users will practice short and long vowel sounds (like pig and pie) as well as blends and combination sounds (like pleasant and pheasant) with 54 cards. Phonics Flashcards Made Easy will help your child learn to read with better comprehension. It’s a joy to watch your child light up when they discover how all these letter sounds combine to make words!

Super Features and Big Benefits:

• Word Sounds Card for parent reference

• Parent Card with directions

• Easy-to-read numbers and words

• Thick, durable cardstock

• Rounded corners for easy sorting

• Perfect for on-the-go learning!

Skills: phonics; short vowels; long vowels; blends; combinations; word-picture recognition; focus

Recommended age:6+