My Awesome Autism – Hardcover


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A sweet book to help empower children and to highlight just how brilliant they are for being themselves! Eddie shows that we are all different, unique, have many strengths, talents and reminds children they are loved and valued. Eddie says, be proud of who you are, aiming for every child to feel a little ‘lift’ from this book! Eddie is autistic, he shares how he navigates his environments and teaches his readers in a cheerful way! Eddie helps all children learn about their autism diagnosis and how “we are all different!” Whether your child receives their diagnosis at toddler age or much later, this wonderful educational tool suits all. It can be an overwhelming time for parents and carers to know when to start to explain to their child, about their autism diagnosis. During this time parents, carers and therapists look for the best way to deliver understanding along with love, supporting needs and reassurance. At the same time, this can be a huge relief for the child to understand that they are truly wonderful as they are, and do not need to adapt to anything that does not suit their needs. This sweet little book anticipates to act as a communication opener between the child and the parents/caregivers. It helps to open up the subject in a gentle and nurturing way, to revisit at any time the child is ready and build upon their experiences with you! The colourful, eye catching illustrations are carefully designed in simple 2D characters, sensory colours with simple contrast and clear short sentences allowing space to process in the child’s own time. A beautiful beginning as this book was first made for my son, then blossomed to help children and families globally and is recommended by professionals. My son is proud to be connecting with you all too, through his special book. This book states ‘autistic person’ rather than ‘with autism’ as preferred by the autsitic community, however it is most important to ask each individual their wishes regarding what they would prefer.

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