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Every day is a celebration with our fun birthday party! The set includes six wooden, ready-to-cut slices of cake, removable candles and toppings, and a cake plate and server. You can use the serving knife to cut a piece, then listen for a slicing sound! All 34 pieces store neatly in the wooden box until the next celebration.

More Ways to Play and Learn:

• Ask the child to make a cake for a special birthday. Specify how many candles should go on the cake.

• Ask the child to slice the cake apart, counting the cake pieces and large icing top aloud. Ask the child to reassemble the entire cake, again counting the pieces aloud.

• Turn the strawberry, gumdrop, and jelly-bean pieces face-down, shuffle them together on a play surface and arrange them neatly in a grid pattern. Two players take turns flipping over one piece at a time, adding the gumdrops and strawberries to the cake. If a player flips over a jelly-bean piece, the player loses a turn! The player who places the last topping onto the cake wins.

• Using the topping pieces, create a pattern and have the child replicate it.

• Play birthday party! Join the child in singing the birthday song and cutting pieces of cake for all the guests.

1.8″ x 13″ x 9″ Packaged
Recommended Ages:
3+ years

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