Grasp Greatness “Bin”



Developing a proper grasp is an important fine motor skill. The Grasp Greatness Kit contains 6 different grips that slide onto any felt or pencil. Grips included are:

  • The Original Pencil Grip
  • The Bumpy Pencil Grip
  • The Writing CLAW grip
  • The Pointer Pencil Grip
  • The Pinch Pencil Grip
  • The Cross-over Pencil Grip

A triangular pencil is including for transitioning from the grips along with a dry erase marker with eraser for the Tracing Fun! book.  Lastly,  the package includes 1 Maze book, 1 dot to dot workbook, and 1 Tracing write and reuse for practicing with each of the grips. Grip colours may vary.

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