Super Reinforcer Bin


Top quality Motivating Toys!

Guide your child through the therapy bin using our fun, illustrated instructions!

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Different reinforcers work best at different stages of development, and this truly super bin provides therapists with a wide variety of toys which may act as reinforcers for the children they support.

The bin includes:

  • Hog Wild Popper
  • Spinning Top
  • Light Up ball/wand
  • Bubbles
  • Pop Toob
  • Flash Racers
  • Wind Up Toy (varies)
  • Flip Car
  • Neoflex Squishy Ball (colours vary)
  • A Grabber
  • Plastic storage container

When kids are motivated to do their best, they get the most out of their therapy sessions — and the Super Reinforcer Bin provides lots of motivation!

Please note, the Therapy Bin products may vary from the listed picture. Specific items may vary subject to availability.

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