The Sneaky, Snacky, Squirrel Game


  • 2011 Parents’ Choice Award
  • 2011 Dr. Toy Best Picks Award
  • 2011 Good Housekeeping Best Toy Awards
  • 2011 Canadian Toy Testing Council Award
  • 2011 NAPPA Games Honors Winner

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Spin the spinner, squeeze the matching colored acorn with your Squirrel Squeezer, and place it into your own log. If you’re first to fill your log with delicious acorns, you win!

They’re Learning!

  • Reinforces color identification
  • Nurtures strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Cultivates teamwork, social skills and turn-taking
  • Develops memory and attention skills

Why This Game?

  • Color matching game
  • Created to teach matching, sorting, counting, and simple math skills
  • Great first board game
  • Can be played multiple times or continuously in a short time
  • Easy to set up and just as easy to clean and put away

Ages 3-5