Squishy Caterpillar Fidget


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These stretchy, squishy caterpillars sensory fidget toys offer calming sensory input and are fun to pinch, twist and pull.

This fidget toy is ideal for kids who have trouble keeping still or have difficulty concentrating. These easy-to-use toys give children the tools they need in order to filter out extra stimulus in their environment and focus on the task at hand. By diverting their excess energy, these fidget toys can markedly improve behaviour and focus. Teachers will appreciate these quiet, discreet toys and kids will love to play with them.

Please note that these fidget toys are NOT intended to be chewed on. They are made of plastic, not silicone. These toys will break if excessively stretched and are intended for kids ages 3 years and up.

Squishy Caterpillars are 30g and measure 24cm long (9.5″).