Reading Readiness Book 2


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Putting letters, words and pictures together is the next important step in getting ready to read. This workbook covers it all! Say the name of each picture. Write the letter that begins the word for the picture, then write the word on the line. Match the objects that “go together.” Practice “first, next, last.” These are just a few examples of the activities in Reading Readiness K-1 Book 2. These valuable skills build confidence with words and letters but also enhance comprehension and critical thinking. With a little help from you, your child will enjoy hours of learning fun.

Fun Features & Big Benefits
• Parent Guide inside front cover
• Activities to Share inside back cover
• Convenient, slim size for take-along learning
• Completion Award certificate

Skills: ABC order; letter match; beginning sounds; ending sounds; ordering; sequencing; classifying; number words; colors; rhyming words; picture words; positional words