Play-doh Peppa Pig Playset


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 Peppa set and ice cream truck lets kids create and decorate dummy ice creams while inventing colorful stories for Peppa and George. The truck’s built-in molds create imaginary treats, while the rear wheels leave traces of syrup. Peppa and George stamper figures climb into the truck to inspire other stories. Simply insert one of the 3 large molds into the truck, then fill it with dough to create a cone, ice cream or dummy cub, then add a stick to hold its imaginary creation. This Peppa Pig toy includes 5 pots of play dough (contains wheat) with 57g of each colour (turquoise, red and pink), and 28g of yellow and brown. This creative toy is a fun art activity for kids who love Peppa Pig. From 3 years old

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