Phonological Awareness Skills Strip


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Phonological awareness is the ability to think about oral language in terms of its structure (i.e., sentences, words, syllables, and sounds). These skills are important for reading and spelling success. Phonological Awareness Skill Strips contains 195 double-sided cards (660 prompts) that address 4 skill areas across three levels of difficulty.

  • Identify and categorize Rhyming Words
  • Understand words as separate units through Sentence Segmenting
  • Separate, blend, and delete Syllables
  • Identify, blend, segment, delete, add, and manipulate Phonemes

Phonological Awareness Skill Strips

  • 195 double-sided photo cards (8½”x 3¾”)
  • 660 prompts
  • Four skill areas ? sentences, words, syllables, and sounds
  • Three levels of difficulty in each skill area
  • Extension activities
  • Answer keys
  • Boxed

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