Old Maid Numbers Game Cards


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The whole family will have fun playing this learning card game.   You win when you collect the most matches of numbers with numerals to win (just don’t get stuck with the Old Maid)!   Listen to the laughter as children learn numbers 1-12 and as they pick and match these colorful number cards (as in 8 turtles… with eight turtles jumping hurdles). Try this game today—it all adds up to success in preschool and beyond!

Fun Features & Big Benefits:

• 49 game cards divided into two 24-card sets and one Old Maid Card

• Parent Card with instructions

• Playful and entertaining full-color story pictures

• Rhyming phrases add to the game’s giggly fun

• Thick, durable cardstock

• Rounded corners for easy sorting

• Loads of learning for a low price!

Skills: numbers 1-12; counting; sets; rhyming; matching; eye-hand coordination; fine motor skills