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This popular kit allows your child to check the white boxes when a task is completed.  You can reward them when all six boxes are checked!  The kit includes 18 amazing, colored, durable magnets that can be used on your fridge door or a pockets chart.  The blank magnets can be used for  tasks like: “Sitting Still and Eating Dinner”, “Do Homework”, “Go To Bed without Complaining”, etc.!

Every child needs to learn task completion and following directions, but this kit also provides organization skills and building routines.   Magnets include: Feed Pet, Clean Bedroom, Clean Bathroom, Do Dishes, Help Set Table, Sweep/Vacuum, Walk the Dog, Garbage/Recycling, Put Clothes Away, six blank Analog Clocks with Digital Clock Boxes, Book Time, Field Trip, TV Time, Computer Time, two blank magnets for you to fill in.

No wonder it’s loved by parents and kids!   It can be used alone but it is perfect for mixing with the Starter Kit.

The entire product is proudly designed and created in Canada

Recommended age:3+


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