BIG Preschool Learning Writing Tablet


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One great big tablet = hours of colourful preschool learning! With the creative, colourful pages packed full of skill-building activities in Preschool Big Learning Tablet, little ones are introduced to early math and reading skills through a wide variety of lessons such as “Trace and colour the shape,” “Colour the pictures that begin with the letter p,” and “Draw a line from each group of 8 to the number 8.” By teaching colors, shapes, the alphabet, basic phonics, numbers, early math, and more, this great tablet sets the stage for school success. Boost confidence and celebrate achievement with more than 20 adorable reward stickers. Who wouldn’t like to adorn their work with a diamond that says, “You Sparkle”?! The vertical, portrait-oriented cover shelves nicely or drops into a backpack, and because it lays flat it’s easy to use for left-handed writers.

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