Weighted Neck and Shoulder Wrap

SKU: 121-007


This Weighted Neck and Shoulder Wrap is designed for light pressure stimulation to help you relax and reduce tension from your daily life. The wrap is unscented, weighs 3 lbs and provides comfort and soothing relaxation at any time of the day or night.

  • RELIEF – Weighted neck and shoulder wrap aids relaxation and helps reduce tension and stress levels.
  • FOCUS – Use it as a sensory tool to help your child focus.
  • CALMING – Provides excellent sensory feedback.
  • COOL – Place in freezer to create cooling neck wrap; reducing inflammation and healing time
  • PREMIUM – Super-soft, minky fabric filled with safe, non-toxic beads provides even weight distribution
  • DESIGN – Tall collar and optimum size and weight. Ideal for small to average size body type
  • Available in Cool Gray.
Weight 3 lbs