Wedge Cushion

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This inflatable air cushion allows the body to engage in dynamic movement while sitting. The movement activates the intrinsic trunk muscles to support the spine, while allowing for subtle movement to keep body in a slight constant motion. This wedge cushion has two sides – one bumpy side and one smooth side. It offers “active sitting” which strengthens the muscles that support the spine. Use it when a greater range of motion and sensory input is needed.   Use is incredibly helpful for decreasing fidgeting and increasing awareness.

As an additional benefit, the wedge shape encourages a good posture by placing the pelvis in a forward position. And it encourages static anatomical seating while mimicking the dynamic seating motion of a therapy ball.

Great for people with poor posture and those who have trouble sitting still. In particular, people with ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, and/or Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Inflation level can be adjusted to fit your comfort level.


Small: 10″ x 2.75″ x 10″  Large: 15 x 15

Weight: 3.0 lbs