Common Core Third Grade Math Bundle

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Third Grade begins the use of multiplication and division using numbers to 1000, understanding fractions and solving mutli-digit arthimetic problems.  Also introduced in this kit is the exploration of concepts of elapsed time, area, perimeter and volume.  Once students master these skills, they’ll be ready to investigate further mathematical solutions.

This kit includes:

  • Pattern Blocks
  • Pan Balance
  • Classpack Tangrams
  • Square Color Tiles
  • Write & Wipe Student Clocks
  • Assorted Geoboards
  • Rainbow Fraction Circles
  • Base 10 Units
  • Base 10 Rods
  • Base 10 Flats
  • Base 10 Cube
  • Liter Measurement Set
  • Centimeter Cubes
  • *Offers the 3rd Grade Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

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