Common Core Third Grade English Language Arts Bundle

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Third Grade begins the second half of your child’s elementary school education and is important for solidifying basic skills.  This kit focuses on analyzing literature to deepen reading comprehension, analyzing common prefixes and suffixes, learning active listening, further grammar rules and learning the art of presenting facts and relevant information into categories when writing.  CCSS* skills help advance the student’s understanding and competency.

This kit includes:

  • Go To Press Grammar & Proofreading Game
  • Herd of Words Vocabulary Game
  • Writer’s Block
  • Reading Comprehension Cards
  • Reading Fluency Cards
  • Reading & Writing Flip Chart
  • Reading Rods Word for Word Phonics Game
  • Conversation Cubes
  • Get the Picture Main Idea Game
  • Hot Dots Standards-Based Review Cards
  • Hot Dots Pen (4)

*Offers the Grade 3 Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts

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