Stages Language Builder Follow Up 4 Box Set




These Stages Language Builder Card Sets are the most widely used photo language tools for teaching key language concepts to preschool age children, as well as children and adults with autism, developmental delay, or speech/language delay – or to anyone first learning or re-learning basic language skills. The full 745 card kit includes:

•       The 350 card Picture Noun Cards set 1

•       The 354 card Picture Noun Cards set 2

•       The 115 card Occupation Cards set

•       The 80 card Emotion Card set

All card sets in the language builder series offer the following features:

•       The back of each card is numbered and gives a label and category for the image, as well as suggested activities appropriate to the card.

•       An included activity booklet provides more detailed instruction ideas.

•       The cards are coated with a hi-gloss varnish for durability

•       All images appear horizontally for consistent presentation.

•       Each set comes in a sturdy “work-from” box for years of use.

•       Each card is a standard photo 3 ½” x 5″ size to allow easy incorporation of your own pictures.