Common Core Second Grade Math Bundle

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Second Grade opens the door to deeper understanding of math concepts.  Students will learn to apply math to real world situations and recognize shapes of everyday objects.  Watch their skills soar with addition and subtraction within 20, a more advanced understanding of measurement using estimation and concepts of money and dividing shapes into equal shares.

This kit includes:

  • Pattern Blocks
  • Money Jar
  • 1″ Color Cubes
  • Write & Wipe Student Clocks
  • Square Color Tiles
  • Tape Measure
  • Base 10 Units
  • Base 10 Rods
  • Base 10 Flats
  • Base 10 Cube
  • Classpack Tangrams
  • Folding Geometric Shapes
  • Assorted Geoboards

*Offers the 2nd Grade Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

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