Common Core Kindergarten Math Bundle

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A child’s introduction to math can have a long-lasting effect on their confidence throughout their school experience.  Making it fun as well as conceptual is the approach offered by the contents of this kit.  They will begin to understand the relationship between numbers and quantities, adding and subtracting numbers 1 – 10, and identifying and comparing various shapes.  Give your child the proper introduction to math and watch them learn!

This kit includes:

  • Pattern Blocks
  • Measuring Worms
  • Square Color Tiles
  • Graph It! Mat
  • Link and Learn Links
  • Everyday Geometric Shapes Set
  • Attribute Block Desk Set
  • Sorting Circles 20″ Diameter
  • Buggy Beads Counting Frames
  • Shapes Don’t Bug Me Geometry Set
  • Buggy Balance Measurement Activity Set
  • 10 on the Spot! Game
  • All About Me Family Counters

*Offers the Grade K Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

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