Common Core Kindergarten English Language Arts Bundle

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Kindergarten is such an important start to a child’s core education and ultimately their future careers, so you want to give them every advantage you can.  These specially chosen products give children a solid foundation of basic CCSS* skills, including recognition and production of rhyming words, reading comprehension, drawing, writing, grammar and more.

The kit includes:

  • Stacker Crackers Sound Swap Game
  • Word Construction
  • Graphic Organizer Flip Chart
  • Vowel Owls Sorting Game
  • Sound Box Answer Boards
  • Rhyme and Sort Rockets
  • Vocabulary Photo Cards
  • Story Starter Picture Cubes
  • Reading Rods Phonemic Awareness Kit
  • Pop for Sight Words Game
  • Pop for Letters Game
  • Letter Construction Templates
  • Pop for Sight Words 2 Game

*Offers the Kindergarten Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts

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