Common Core Fourth Grade Math Bundle

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Now that students are able to think fast and solve problems, they can gain an understanding of abstract concepts and extend knowledge of fractions and decimals.  Items in this kit help children analyze number patterns, find factors and multiples, and recognize shapes based on lines and angles.  They’ll also learn about measurement conversions and measuring geometric shapes.

This kit includes:

  • Pattern Blocks
  • Classroom Measurement Set
  • Classpack Tangrams
  • Square Color Tiles
  • Assorted Geoboards
  • Rainbow Fraction Circles
  • Plastic Base 10 Units
  • Plastic Base 10 Rods
  • Plastic Base 10 Flats
  • Plastic Base 10 Cube
  • Giant Magnetic Gallon Set
  • Centimeter Cubes
  • *Offers the 4th Grade Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

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