Common Core Fourth Grade English Language Arts Bundle

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Fourth Grade provides opportunities to learn proficiency in reading and comprehension, writing work that includes an introduction, topic and concluding statement, and using analytic skills to decode unfamiliar words.  Most importantly, students learn to discuss and evaluate topics while working with a partner, in small groups or with the entire class.  This kit prepares the student for higher learning and offers confidence in tackling more advanced work.

This kit includes:

  • Write & Wipe Reading Comprehension Boards
  • Write & Wipe Venn Diagram and Desk Mats
  • Animals Classifying Cards Combo Pack
  • Writer’s Block
  • Reading Fluency Cards
  • Reading & Writing Flip Chart
  • Reading Comprehension Cards
  • Writing Prompt Cubes
  • Retell a Story Cubes
  • Hot Dots Standards-Based Review Cards
  • Hot Dots Pen (4)

Offers the Grade 4 Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts

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