Common Core First Grade Math Bundle

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This kit strengthens the beginning skills introduced in Kindergarten.  Students will learn to add and subtract using word problems within 20 and learn to count to 120.  They’ll also learn important measurement skills including lengths and telling time.  The geometry sets help introduce various shapes and begins the foundation for advanced math.

This kit includes:

  • Pattern Blocks
  • Square Color Tiles
  • Graph It! Mat
  • Write & Wipe Student Clocks
  • Mini GeoSolids
  • Base 10 Units
  • Base 10 Rods
  • Base 10 Flats
  • Base 10 Cube
  • Translucent Geometric Shapes
  • Under the Sea Shells Word Problem Set
  • Make a Splash 120 Mat

*Offers the 1st Grade Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

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